A Father’s Prayer

father-handThere is something exciting and terrifying about the prospect of becoming a father. Joyful expectation and dreams of what could be and the joys of caring for a new lovely soul. Trepidation at the knowledge that no amount of reading and observing and planning will ever result in my “being ready” for such an awesome responsibility of caring for someone entrusted to my care by God.

As the due date draws nearer and nearer day by day, the reality and emotions set in deeper and deeper.

While driving home from volunteering at a local community event last night I tuned into a song playing on the radio that captured the feelings and thoughts swirling in my heart and head. The song brought forth a father’s prayer that echoed in my heart and became a voice to my internal prayers.

Be Like You by Finding Favour shines forth the prayer of my heart for my son and my role as a father-to-be. Here are some of the lyrics that resonated in my heart and have been making their way out of my mouth in prayer:

Ten million thoughts running through my mind
One thing’s for sure God I want to get this right

I want to love him like You love me
give him everything I can
I want to live a life that’s holy
and be a better man
You could have chosen any body
but I’m the one You gave him to
If he’s gonna be like me
Then God I want to be like You

Cause their feet are gonna follow
where their father leads them to
so Father won’t You lead me straight to You, to You

And when my life is over
I pray that they will look back
and say they saw a bit of Jesus in their dad

Here is the song in its entirety:


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