40 x 40 List (Updated 07/17/16)

40I have been challenged by my lovely wife to come up with a 40 by 40 list.  It took a few weeks to complete the list as coming up with 25 items wasn’t that difficult but the last 15 were stretching.

I will periodically update the list and my progress.


  1. Finish balsa wood biplane
  2. Basement tools organization system
  3. Go sailing
  4. 1500 blog posts [This is post 879]
  5. Get violin tuned and play the violin [Rebecca got it tuned for our 5 year anniversary & I have started to relearn some old tunes]
  6. 3 DIY projects [Basement organization shelving system]
  7. Categorize and create online list of books/ebooks


  1. Lead 3 people to the Lord
  2. Read Charnock’s 2 volume set
  3. Read Schaff’s 8 volume set [Finished Volumes 1 – 4]
  4. Author/co-author 3 books [Finishing touches of book 1 in process]
  5. Read through the OT 6 more times [4 down]
  6. Read through the NT 12 more times [10 down]
  7. Help plant a new church
  8. Take 4 people all the way through the Oasis/GCA Higher Ground discipleship series


16. Compete in a triathalon/dualathalon
17. Complete the Advocare 24 day challenge [Completed January 28, 2015]
18. Complete P90X
19. Complete the Recon Ron pull-up workout routine [Busted up elbow when 75% done; on hiatus right now.]


20. Eat at The Pearl
21. Eat 5 new foods [1. Melt’s Winter Chicken, 2. Bananas Foster, 3. Pesto Chicken Crepe, 4. Beignets]
22. Cook 6 new foods [1. Brie on the grill: Yum.; 2. Orange Spice Chicken: Too Dry; 3. Pan-Seared Tilapia with boiled red potatoes and sauteed green beans: Yum; 4. Greek Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Dip – Very Good and Very Easy to Make..I added extra garlic to the recipe, 5. Bananas Foster, 6. Pesto Chicken Crepe, 7. My own home brew beer]
23. Participate in a coffee cupping [09/06/14, Wonderful experience through Columbus Food Adventures]


24. Cut school debt in half
25. Double my retirement savings
26. Increase income to 2.5 times current level on July 18, 2014 (I work in a field that doesn’t pay much, so this isn’t me aiming to be rich) [Going up but not there yet]


27. Become a father [Our son is due on Christmas Day!]
28. See a set of family members no longer unchurched
29. Upgrade my car
30. Upgrade our housing


31. Go to the beach as an immediate family [Cape Hatteras in June 2016]
32. See Yellowstone National Park
33. Camp out under the stars
34. Go to the Wilds
35. Go Ziplining
36. Go to the Ohio cave/caverns


37. Become independently licensed as a counselor [June 20, 2016]
38. Lead a counseling workshop [Anxiety Workshop at Arlington Dental Group]
39. Have at least 20 clients a week for at least 4 weeks straight
40. Counsel 300 clients [Past & Current = 156 clients]


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