Book Review: All Authority

All Authority: How the Authority of Jesus Upholds the Great Commission by Joey Shaw all authoritytakes the Great Commission and lays it out in the life of the Christian today by placing the reader into the shoes of modern missionaries. But not just any missionaries. Men and women and their families that the author personally knows who are currently serving in Muslim nations or have given their lives in the service of Christ and His Great Commission in the Muslim dominated parts of the world.

By grounding the book’s exposition of Jesus’ Great Commission in the lives of real people taking the gospel to some of the most unreached and gospel-hostile regions of the planet, Shaw adds authentic depth and reality to the power of Jesus through His faithful disciples. The book opens up the real suffering that a person may encounter in a life of following Jesus – and not only in foreign missions – but also gives the encouragement of what it means to experience living under and living out the authority of Jesus.

Though the book does a good job of exposing hardships and the grace that the Believer gets to experience while walking with Jesus in the midst of them, this is also the biggest weakness of the book. The struggles of the people the author knows is very real but that particular sense of struggle may be permeating the book a bit too much to the point of scaring off some people rather than inspiring and encouraging them to give it all for Jesus (because it truly is worth it).

Even with the downside, the book is well written and worth a read.

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