Ring of Power and Exodus


In the January 24, 2016 Grandview Christian Assembly sermon “On Making Gods and Misusing the Name of the Real One” the Ring of Power from The Fellowship of the Ring was referenced.

Help for this example of the power of the idols we make and how we break the second commandment was drawn from Timothy Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods. Here is an excerpt from Keller’s book that helped inspire the sermon illustration:

The Ring…takes the heart’s fondest desires and magnifies them to idolatrous proportions. Some good characters…want to liberate slaves, or preserve their people’s land, or visit wrongdoers with just punishment. These are all good objectives. But the Ring makes them willing to do anything to achieve them, anything at all. It turns the good thing into an absolute that overturns every other allegiance or value.

The wearer of the Ring becomes increasingly enslaved and addicted to it, for an idol is something we cannot live without. We must have it, and therefore it drives us to break rules we once honored, to harm others and even ourselves in order to get it. Idols are spiritual addictions that lead to terrible evil, in Tolkien’s novel and real life (p xv).


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