When an Idol Grips Your Heart

Idol Skull

Many times the things in our life that cause the most angst, anxiety, depression, and pain are good things that have grown into “god” things in our hearts.  When good things like success and happiness grow to the point of importance in our lives that we can’t imagine life without them, failure and sadness become devastating.

During these times of internal devastation it is easy to look outward and blame our external circumstances or others.  And while the environment or other people may have a role to play, the crumbling of the foundations of our emotional life indicates that there is also an internal heart problem.

By elevating something, even a good or God-given thing, to god-status in our hearts, we have placed our hope, trust, worth, stability, and/or identity in something that is not big enough or strong enough to withstand that amount of pressure.  When these temporal and flawed idols come up short – and they will – the collapse can seem to crush our hearts.

The truth is that there is only One who is able to meet – and even exceed – the qualifications of our hope, trust, worth, stability, and identity.  Only God is unshakable. When we place our trust in Him through Jesus Christ we will find an anchor for our hearts when all else crumbles or collapses. Only in Him do we find true eternal worth. Only in Him will our hearts ever be truly satisfied.


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