Coming to Jesus for Rest Rather Than Answers

Weary and heavy laden

“We crave clear-cut answers, but God insists on relationship.”

The insistence on relationship over the answers we desire may seem maddening and frustrating when we are in the midst of seeking answers.  Yet it is actually the best thing for us in the moment and in the long run…even if we don’t believe that to be true in the moment.

Answers may be nice, but at best they give a fleeting feeling of rest and peace. The kind of rest and peace that comes with head knowledge.

Relationship with Jesus in the midst of uncertainty gives us peace that goes deeper than head knowledge; it gives rest for the soul even when answers seem absent.

Relationship with Jesus with the goal of being with Jesus allows us to find rest because we are placing our trust in the most trustworthy One and not an answer that neither saves nor sustains us.


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