Rescue and Hold Back


Grandview Christian Assembly has been spending the summer of 2015 focusing on outreach.  It is easy, even in the electronically connected world that we live in today, to live an insulated life. We focus on the things that interest us and concern us while ignoring or blocking out the things that may cause discomfort.

Being outwardly focused on others in the areas of outreach for Jesus is certainly an area that results in discomfort for many.  Yet the Bible puts a premium on thinking about those around us and considering their eternal situation.  Sometimes those around us actively or passively ignore thinking about what happens after death. That is where those with an outward focus can come into play – helping others think about the big questions in life (and hopefully doing so in a way that is appropriate).

Others may be eternally secure in Christ but have ventured off into things that are harmful to themselves and others.  Others may have their hearts captured by things of life that are lesser than Christ.  Part of the outreach is also focused on encouraging one another to pursue Christ and godly community.

If you listen to the Summer Outflow series, you will hear a variety of sermons by a variety of speakers on a variety of outreach topics. It is well worth the time to listen and consider what is being presented from Scripture.

Photo adapted from a free use photo on Pixabay by alondav.


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