24 Day Challenge: Day 10

24 Day Challenge

It is now the final evening of the 10 Day Cleanse portion of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

My weight plateaued for a couple of days but dropped another pound this morning.  I am now sitting right in my target weight zone.  Along with the weight loss, I have experienced some increase in energy throughout the day and seem to be in a healthier wake/sleep daily cycle, too.

10Granted, I have been craving some foods that would not work on the Cleanse, such as a nice bacon cheeseburger or some chocolate chip cookies (like those that were in my church small group Bible study).  But (by the grace of God) I have successfully utilized self-control and did not cheat at all in the 10 Day Cleanse.

Though relating to food I have missed a bit during the Cleanse, I am looking forward to the one meal cheat allowance during the 14 Day Max Phase.  I already have my first one planned for Columbus’ Restaurant Week: salad and pizza from Pizza Cucinova.

I will let you know my final Cleanse numbers tomorrow.


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