24 Day Challenge: Day 2

24 Day Challenge

One question that is commonly asked during the 10 Day Cleanse portion of the 24 Day Challenge (introduced yesterday) is, “does the food taste good?”

My answer, “yes.”

The supplements themselves for the cleanse really don’t have much taste (and they aren’t designed to replace food) with the exception of Spark.  I like the flavors offered in the Spark drinks (I have tried 3 different ones so far) and they have a lot to choose from.  An energy and nutrition drink that actually tastes good. For a listing of the flavors, check out this page.

As for the food that you will be eating during the week, there is still a lot of variety and good flavor profiles available to you as you customize your meals over the 10 days.  As for the menu schedule, I will get to that in another post; but check out the foods that are recommended as well as the recommended serving sizes:

10 Day Cleanse Eating Guide

As you can see, unless you are a very picky eater, you have a lot to choose from and can make some delicious meals and snacks.


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