Would We Notice if Christ Went Missing?

Would you notice if the primary piece of God’s house got left out?

Bareknuckle Bible

There’s something unsettling about a computer desk that comes shipped in a flat box. 
For most guys it’s not a big deal.  An hour or so with a screwdriver will get the thing together.  But I need double.  I have to allow for putting it together wrong at least once.  I’ll find out somewhere toward the end that the part that didn’t make sense (and which I set aside) should have been step three in a forty-seven step process. I hate that plastic bolt.  Sure, it holds the entire desk together, but I catch myself wondering if I could get by without it.  Maybe I could jam some toilet paper into that bolt hole and everything would be fine.  Then again, maybe it would wobble every time the dishwasher ran downstairs.  Or the wind blew outside.  I hate that bolt.

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