40 by 40 List (August 10, 2014)

40I have been challenged by my lovely wife to come up with a 40 by 40 list.  It took a few weeks to complete the list as coming up with 25 items wasn’t that difficult but the last 15 were stretching.

I will periodically update the list and my progress.

As of this date, I have not crossed anything off of my list.  But I have updated the list to include some hyperlinks. 


  1. Finish balsa wood biplane
  2. Basement tools organization system
  3. Go sailing
  4. 1500 blog posts [This is post 713]
  5. Get violin tuned and play the violin
  6. 3 DIY projects
  7. Categorize and create online list of books/ebooks


  1. Lead 3 people to the Lord
  2. Read Charnock’s 2 volume set
  3. Read Schaff’s 8 volume set
  4. Author/co-author 3 books
  5. Read through the OT 6 more times
  6. Read through the NT 12 more times
  7. Help plant a new church
  8. Take 4 people all the way through the Oasis/GCA Higher Ground discipleship series


16. Compete in a triathalon/dualathalon
17. Complete the Advocare 24 day challenge
18. Complete P90X
19. Complete the Recon Ron pull-up workout routine


20. Eat at The Pearl
21. Eat 5 new foods
22. Cook 6 new foods [Brie on the grill]
23. Participate in a coffee cupping


24. Cut school debt in half
25. Double my retirement savings
26. Increase income to 2.5 times current level (I work in a field that doesn’t pay much, so this isn’t me aiming to be rich)


27. Become a father
28. See a set of family members no longer unchurched
29. Upgrade my car
30. Upgrade our housing


31. Go to the beach as an immediate family
32. See Yellowstone National Park
33. Camp out under the stars
34. Go to the Wilds
35. Go Ziplining
36. Go to the Ohio cave/caverns


37. Become independently licensed as a counselor
38. Lead a counseling workshop
39. Have at least 20 clients a week for at least 4 weeks straight
40. Counsel 300 clients [Past & Current = 71 clients]


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