Mark Driscoll Is Not Your Pastor

PreachingAn excellent article by Nick Nye, a pastor of a local church in Columbus, Ohio:

Mark Driscoll Is Not Your Pastor

Decapitation and starvation are ravaging though Iraq today. As I have followed the news and prayed for those trapped in the Iraq mountains, I have noticed the other big news feed. Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church has been removed from Acts 29.

I (as well as Veritas Church) have served with Acts 29 in some capacity from 2006-2012 and have a deep love for the network. We have planted, funded, coached and partnered with many Acts 29 churches and will continue to pray for their decision regarding Mark Driscoll. With Acts 29’s decision, the long history of blogs, confessions and calls to repentance have poured forth and are being reposted by people all over the world.

Maybe, these reposts are an inner-craving for justice or simply a case of celebrity Christian gossip. Whatever the motivation, I want to remind those of you not a part of Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll is not your pastor.

Here is what I mean…

Let us not project accusations against Mark Driscoll onto your local pastor. Because Driscoll is accused of his message conflicting with his character doesn’t mean your pastor is doing the same. I imagine many Christians reading these blogs, maybe even learning of Mark Driscoll for the first time are becoming suspicious that their pastor is on the same path. Seeds of doubt get planted that their pastor has deep ambitions to become mega and toss them out of the bus when they aren’t needed. These seeds could rise to unfounded accusations and projections that crippled the pastors voice in shepherding their church with true humility and Christ-like ambition.

There is little doubt that in your pastors heart of hearts he struggles with thoughts of being a big deal but nearly all of the pastors I know desperately reject those thoughts and want Jesus to be known and them to be forgotten. What we are seeing in our news feed ought to push us to praying for our church leaders. Despite fallen pastors, Jesus gives the church pastors (Ephesians 4:11-16). Your pastor is not Mark Driscoll, Noah (drunkenness and incest), David (sexual affair and murder), or Peter (denier of Jesus) but a fallen human in need of a savior, who is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the apostle who plants a church (Hebrews 3.1).
Jesus is the senior pastor who leads the church (1 Peter 5.4).
Jesus is the head of the church (Colossians 1.4; 2.10, 19).
Jesus is the chief cornerstone of the church (Ephesians 2:20).
Jesus builds a church (Matthew 16.18).
Jesus even shuts a church down for becoming faithless and/or fruitless (Revelation 2.5).

Let us pray for Mark- a broken man and pastor like me, and let us rejoice that Jesus have given local pastors to help us all grow in Christ-likeness.


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