The Devil as Playground Bully

“Christians mostly think of the Spirit as a devotional tool—He helps us feel closer to Jesus, comforts us, guides us, shows us what jobs to take and where to move. Guess what? You also have the Spirit to bring in the kingdom of God.”

Bareknuckle Bible

devil as2

When I was nine years old, a bully named Ricky started picking on me. This happened sometime back during the Jurassic period, in the days before bully awareness task forces visited schools.  Playground survival was something you just had to learn. I took karate. I went to weekly classes, learned some moves, and had some fights in the karate studio. I sparred with a couple of black belts (who obviously held back so they wouldn’t kill me). But whenever I saw Ricky, I still ran from him. Never mind I was limber and had trained enough to tag a full-grown man on the jaw with a snap kick. That would have been more than enough to “persuade” Ricky to look elsewhere for his alpha male standing. Yet I simply never believed I had enough for a showdown. The problem was all in my head.

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