Awkward Lessons

“Regardless of how you’re wired…if you grow anemic in prayerfully contacting God, signs of that shortage will start showing up in your life.”

Bareknuckle Bible

dish“Lord, thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

But what has He done for me lately?

“Anyway, Lord, you are the light of my life.”

That reminds me—I need to change the burnt out bulb in the dining room.

“I trust you with my future.”

I wonder if I can trust Nick to feed the cat while I’m on vacation.

“So Father God I ask for your presence while I’m having that review today at work.”

Especially since my boss is such a crank. Oh well. She’s older than dirt. Guess I ought to give her a break.

“Fill me with your Spirit today.”

And with lots of coffee. Starbuck’s. Verona roast.


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