Sometimes Discipleship Isn’t Cool

Sometimes discipleship isn’t cool…

Bareknuckle Bible

not coolDiscipleship may yet turn into the evangelical designer accessory of our time. Think about it: Jesus, java, mentors, workbooks, sign-ups, practice, learning, deep talk. It all sounds so…spiritually subversive, which creates a strong attraction for those wanting to connect with vintage Christianity. In fact, discipleship has been packaged that way for folks who might buy weathered skinny jeans from thrift stores (when they could have paid less at Target). I’m not taking swipes at more stylish brethren. I love preaching in jeans, hiking boots, and sport coats. I like the small, relational angle of church with everybody doing ministry. Something about grass-roots Christianity excites me. I like all that spiritually subversive stuff (Check out my website, Gospel Outfitters while it still exists). The fact is, if someone said to me, “Dude [we say dude around here], let’s have a 5 a.m. Bible study on the book of Leviticus at Alum creek,” I would seriously…

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