Discipleship Crisis—Two Reasons Why You Won’t Grow

“A couple of big reasons why discipleship stalls and Christians end up frozen in their spiritual development.”

Bareknuckle Bible

discipleship5cYou know those annoying seeds in grapefruits—the ones you dig out with a spoon? I took one of them and planted it in my house, in the same pot with a larger plant. I pushed it about an inch deep into the soil and then watched it over the course of a few weeks. You could say I was just curious (when you do stuff like that for entertainment, then you really need to get out more). Before long—voila!—a green sprout shot up about an inch-and-a-half. I was mildly excited. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a grapefruit tree in my living room? But eighteen months later, it was still an inch-and-a-half—exactly. You could say there was a failure to form for a lot of reasons. A horticulturist would point out that you can’t grow a grapefruit tree inside a house out of direct sunlight. Of course I could have…

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