10:10 Life to the Fullest: A Book Review

1010Daniel Hill’s 10:10 : Life to the Fullest addresses one of those nagging questions in the life of a Christian: “What am I missing?”

For a book that uses John 10:10 as the launching point, Hill spends very little time in the verse; rather, he digs into Hebrews 11 and the story of Joshua to illustrate a Christian “life to the fullest.”  Yet, I can forgive the author for this because he makes it clear that the book is not supposed to be an exposition of John 10:10 but rather an attempt to answer the questions of “What am I missing because I don’t seem to be experiencing John 10:10?”

Hill’s use of Joshua and Hebrews 11, intermixed with stories and personal experiences and other Bible texts, consistently drives the reader to what may be an answer to the question: “To become fully alive in Jesus, a Christ follower needs to learn to embrace all three dimensions of faith: faith and fear, faith and intimacy, and faith and mission” (p. 214).

The three components allow the believer to (1) examine the hidden fears that act as barriers between us and God and then find assurance in our being cemented in Christ; (2) explore the vastness of Christ through an intimate relationship with Him; (3) be courageous on mission with Jesus in our daily lives because He is the answer to our fears and is the One with us as we follow Him into the world for His kingdom.

Overall, I am well-pleased to have been able to review the book for Baker Book Bloggers.  Despite what seemed to be a bit of a shaky start in the first couple of chapters, the book began to flow smoothly with helpful insights.


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