What is Discipleship?— A Definition in Bite-Size Chunks

Discipleship is one of the current Christian buzz words but what does it mean or entail? Read the latest bareknuckle.org article and find out.

Bareknuckle Bible

bite sized

What is discipleship?  Let’s tackle the simplest concept first:  Discipleship comes from the word disciple. And disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes, which means learner. It doesn’t get any more glamorous than that.  “Discipleship” means the quality, condition, or state of learning.

When you handle electricity, you’re dealing with a mysterious, invisible reality. Properly handled, it can run a washing machine…or a neighborhood full of them.  But the exposed little wire that looks so harmless might have that same invisible power coursing through it. Touch it the wrong way, and it could stop your heart. An electrician obviously needs careful discipleship.

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