Finally…Meet the (Real) Jesus

Bareknuckle Bible

jesus faceYou’ve got to love Jeopardy. It’s the game show where people demonstrate their mastery of ‘Words that begin with the letter h,’ ‘Shakespeare at the movies,’ or ‘Pets Behaving Badly.’

Am I the only guy who notices, or do a lot of contestants flub ‘the Bible’ after answering every other kind of exotic trivia category? I can’t verify this with hard stats. But I’ve seen a few cases where, after a blistering round, a contestant who literally owns the board gets stopped by ‘The New Testament.’ I guess folks don’t have ‘Jesus Facts’ like they do ‘Fast Food Frolics.’

The colorful sources people use to assemble their knowledge of Christ aren’t helping them win game shows—no Greek tragedy, of course. But when you factor in eternity, that’s a different matter. If you lose on that one, there are no consolation prizes. Knowing Jesus—the real Jesus—is an issue.

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