“Listen Up!” Notable Quotables

Listen Up bookI just finished up the short, but insightful book, Listen Up! A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermonsby Christopher Ash.  I will write a review of the book in the next day or two, but for now, here are some notable quotables:

“You and I must not only take seriously the voice of God; we must bow the knee in submission when He speaks.  We must come humbly to the preaching of God’s word.” (p. 6)

“Far from coming to the Bible as a clean sheet, I come to the Bible as a thoroughly messed-up person, unable to think straight, speak right or act as I ought. That means I must expect the Bible to call me to repentance and not to reassure me that I’m ok. It will never make me comfortable or complacent in my sin.” (p. 7)

“To listen humbly is to admit that the Bible is right and I am wrong, that God is God and I need to change…We need to pray for the gracious work of the Spirit of God to humble our proud hearts.” (p. 8)

“God’s purpose is not to shape a collection of individuals to be each like Christ, but to form a Christlike people.” (p. 12)

“When we listen to a sermon together, we are accountable to one another for our response. Hearing while gathered is significantly better than hearing alone.” (p. 13)

“The Bible’s purpose is to make and shape the people of God, which means in practice the local church.” (p. 14)

“We need to pray for this supernatural, gradual but lasting work to begin and continue in us, as we hear the word of God preached week by week.” (p.16)

“The devil…says: ‘Respond to the preaching tomorrow, respond to the preaching yesterday, but never respond today.’ And if we listen to him, we will never respond.” (p. 21)

“God loves to change us through preaching, and He loves it when we pray to be given fresh repentance, renewed faith, joyful obedience and a corporate Christlikeness in the local church.” (p. 23)


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