It Matters What Part of the Bible You Read

Bareknuckle Bible


A few years back I conducted a five week study of the book of Job for our Sunday morning messages. A new visitor was not impressed. “Job!?” he said. Are you kidding? Who picks something like that for Sunday morning sermons?” I got perturbed by the remark, then laughed about it, then had a doughnut and didn’t care anymore.

I guess to that visitor, our choice of Job was arbitrary at best.  We must have played spin-the-bottle and it pointed there (Really it pointed to Esther, but I moved the bottle with my foot).

The whole process of choosing a book or subject may seem to be academic. Who really cares as long as it’s the Bible that’s being studied? The choice seems random. Still, there is something to choosing wisely what book of the Bible your church will travel through, especially if it will be for a protracted period.

This is not to suggest that…

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