Bareknuckle Bible


In the beginning, apologetics feel like Kung-Fu posturing. The non-Christian has his moves and style. You, the believer, have yours. Both of you circle on the mat. He hopes to stop you with stuff from the Discovery channel, You-Tube atheist rants, and remarks he remembers his professor making in freshman biology class. You have your evidences of the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus which you’re nervously trying to keep straight in your head, but know they’re probably not going to come out right. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. The non-Christian isn’t your opponent. The Gospel isn’t about having the better fighting style. Nonetheless, this is all part of your learning. These initial, awkward encounters take you outside of the abstract dimension of thought and goes head to head and heart to heart with real people. You’ll probably learn as much about apologetics by “doing” them…

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