Listening as Freedom

active listeningWhat is the Lord saying to you right now?

No, I’m not asking for you to listen for an audible voice.  I’m asking you about your listening habits.  When is the last time you slowed down to listen to what the Lord is speaking to you about your life, life situations, and/or those around you.

Is there conviction? Encouragement? Leading? How about a nagging question that you know is from Him?  Or even a statement repeated to you in your spirit?

If our God is a living God, and He is, and if He is a speaking God, and He is, what is He saying to you right now?

Sarah Young wrote about one of her impressions of the Lord’s speaking to her about her listening to Him in her book Jesus Calling.  In her April 22 installment, she writes about the call to listen for prayer and trust and the freedom from needing to try to control life:

Listen to Me continually.  I have much to communicate to you, so many people and situations in need of prayer.  I am training you to set your mind on Me more and more, tuning out distractions through the help of My Spirit.

Walk with Me in holy trust, responding to My initiatives rather than trying to make things fit your plans.  I died to set you free, and that includes freedom from compulsive planning.  When your mind spins with a multitude of thoughts, you cannot hear My voice. A mind preoccupied with planning pays homage to the idol of control.  Turn from idolatry back to Me.  Listen to Me and live abundantly!

John 8:36; Proverbs 19:21; John 10:27


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