Bareknuckle Bible


The world eats its own young. There are plenty of examples—Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Britany Spears, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, and lately, Justin Bieber. No criticism intended here. Compared to any one of these folks, I have the talent of a pine stump. Their implosions weren’t brought on by innate stupidity, but by the excesses, pressures, and complications of fame. It’s a package deal. Pop mania delivers heady rewards, and then gets to work siphoning off one’s soul. At the crest of the wave, a person can feel absolutely god-like—adored and loved by all. But rolling along in the backwash are the shells of human beings who were used and spent by the system. None of us are made to be worshiped.

Even Jesus had His fifteen minutes. On Palm Sunday, He “trended,” hitting the charts at number one. The crowds went crazy when He entered Jerusalem, with their palm leaves…

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