How to Nuke John 3:16 with Five Easy Tweaks

Bareknuckle Bible


The “Coexist” bumper sticker will probably end up ranking as one of the top forty pop icons of all time, right up there with the Darwin fish and the peace sign. It resonates so well because of its plea for tolerance between world religions. I have no problem with the message. We need to get along on this planet without killing each other. But for a while now, tolerance has been down-shifting into affirmation.  As a result, I’m not only expected to put up with my neighbor. I’m also required to agree with him. If you’ve been awake for the past ten to fifteen years, this isn’t news to you. The proper state of contemporary enlightenment says you have to be cozy with the idea that all roads lead to God. If not, then you’re narrow, hateful, bigoted, and other bad words.

Plenty of Christians have been intimidated by this rhetoric, and others…

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