It’s a Hollywood World (and how we should think about that)

Bareknuckle Bible


A formidable, culture-shaping entity called “the movie” exists. We can curse it, fight it, or boycott it, but untold billions of dollars have gone into perfecting it. Elements that appeal to an individual sense of reality, from music to story to special effects, have combined to construct a parallel universe for many millions of people.  How do we live and minister in this Hollywood world without becoming reactionary or disconnected from the people around us? How can we relate without becoming zombie consumers ourselves? I dug up a book in my library by Dick Staub, entitled Too Christian, Too Pagan, written about 15 years ago. The examples are a bit dated now, but the thoughts are worth noting again. Here are an edited few:

 The Power of Movies

Film has tremendous influence in our culture. Entertainment Weekly said in 1999, “Today’s media is the most powerful mythology-creating medium ever invented.”…

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