Rest in My Presence

Resting horses

Life is hectic.  Life carries stress and anxiety invoking situations.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or delusional.

How does one deal with stress and anxieties and the chaos of life?

Personally, I have found many ways that have helped; but three items tend to work well for me, especially if combined: The Bible, prayer, and physical exercise.  The third cannot always be done, but a regular workout schedule has helped to work off some of the pent up energy and work out some of the thoughts that aren’t helpful…especially when I replace those thoughts with God’s thoughts by praying His thoughts as expressed in the Bible.

Today, I found the devotional from Jesus Calling to be an added benefit as the author shared what she experienced from the Lord through Colossians 4:2 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18:

Rest in My presence, allowing Me to take charge of this day.  Do not bolt into the day like a racehorse suddenly released.  Instead, walk purposefully with Me, letting Me direct your course one step at a time.  Thank Me for each blessing along the way; this brings Joy to both you and Me.  A grateful heart protects you from negative thinking.  Thankfulness enables you to see the abundance I shower upon you daily.  Your prayers and petitions are winged into heaven’s throne room when they are permeated with thanksgiving.  In everything give thanks, for this is My will for you.

How do you approach each day?  Do you rush out of the gates and into the race, or do you pause and spend time with Jesus?

Are you frantically searching for direction in life, or are you letting Him and His Word be a light unto your feet each step of the way (Ps. 119:105)?

Is your mind fixed upon the unknown and what you cannot control, or are you looking upon Him who is a steady Rock and giving Him thanks for His multiplied grace in your life?


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