The Selfie Syndrome

I would not go so far as to say that an abundance of selfies causes a person to become narcissistic, but I would concur that social media can certainly reveal narcissistic tendencies and self-centeredness as well as reinforce what is already there and help make self-worship and vanity socially acceptable character traits (c.f. Romans 1:23-25, 28-32).

Even if a person dismissing the idea that social media has any impact on self-image or personality (though there are studies that have demonstrated a correlation/relationship), the below infographic is still certainly worth pondering.  Though I would not go so far as the original article to say social media is “making us narcissistic,” the graphic should give us all pause to consider if there is a tendency towards narcissism in our social media posts…especially if you are take a lot of selfies.

the selfie syndrome


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