In the News

Here are some news stories from the week:

Anti-Gay Tip a Cruel LieAfter going viral and creating a stir of outrage, the waitress who said a couple didn’t leave her a tip on their $93 bill because they disagreed with her lifestyle has lost her job.  The couple has come out and demonstrated their copy of the receipt and their credit card bill showing that they actually left an $18. Sadly, even though the lie was exposed online, (for example: here and here), the truth, unlike the lie, has not gone viral.

tips for jesus

Tips for Jesus Giver May Have Been Identified: The person giving enormous tips, such as a $1,000 on a $111 bill may have been identified.  The generous giver may be the former PayPal VP.

Canada Claims the North Pole: Making an international move, the Canadians have claimed that the north pole belongs to them.

Interpreter at Mandela Memorial a “Fake”It has been claimed that the man doing sign language at the Mandela memorial was a “fake”.

Pope Francis Named TIME’s Person of the YearThe pontiff has been named the person of the year by Time Magazine.


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