Church Music Questions

worship risesOver the past week, there was a Greater Columbus Gospel Coalition meeting in which music liturgy was discussed.  The combination of pastors, worship leaders, and lay leaders from various churches and backgrounds had a gracious and thoughtful discussion.

From the two hour discussion, a number of questions and thoughts were tossed about that I found worth thinking about further.  Here they are for your thoughts as well:

  • In what way is your church gathering focused on helping one another reestablish our new center from “me” to “Thee”?
  • How do the songs that we sing help shape a culture and identity in Christ in the church?
  • How much do we believe the Word being sung in our songs?
  • How much do we struggle to encourage one another by our own singing side-by-side during the gathering of the church?
  • How do our songs carry the story of God each Sunday?
  • How do we help those who do not like to sing, open up sing unto the Lord for the sake of the others in the church?

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