W. L. Craig on How We Don’t Live an a Postmodern World

William Lane Craig lays out how people don’t truly live with a postmodern mindset.  Not only do we not apply postmodernism to daily life – such as saying labels like “Advil” and “Rat Poison” don’t have any intrinsic meaning when choosing pills to take for a headache – but also when it comes to matters of faith.

He argues that if we truly lived in a postmodern world, then militant atheists such as Dawkins would not be able to sell books at the rate they are doing so because their approaches are very modernistic.  So, for someone to run around trying to quote Harris, or Dawkins, or Dennet and then claim to be postmodern when it comes to faith issues is speaking out of both sides of their mouth and betraying that they truly don’t live what they purport to believe.

Take a listen to Craig and see what you think of his thoughts.


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