Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL (Video)

Chris Norman was a sure bet to be drafted to one of the premier NFL teams.  The Michigan State Spartan (we won’t hold that against him) shocked the system when he announced that he was turning down everyone’s expectations of financial and football success by saying “no” to the NFL draft.  Bombarded by emails, texts, and calls saying that he was wasting his life, Norman stood firm in decision to follow Jesus Christ.

The video is Norman’s story of becoming like the woman in Matthew 26:6-13 who poured out all she had upon Jesus.  Those around her cried out “Why this waste?”  But Jesus called her “waste” a “beautiful thing” and a proclamation of the gospel.  What some see as waste, in the light of eternity and the glory of Christ, we can see as beautiful.  Norman’s story is an example of a person who graciously calls the accusers of “waste” to not waste their lives and instead pour out their lives for Jesus Christ.

Norman Football Video


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