A Sight of the Cross

nail crossOnly a sight of the cross will make us willing to deny ourselves and follow Christ.  Our little crosses are eclipsed by his.  If we once catch a glimpse of the greatness of his love to suffer such shame and pain for us who deserved nothing but judgment, only one course of action will seem to be left.  How can we deny or reject such a lover?

If then, you suffer for moral anemia, take my advice and steer clear of Christianity.  If you want to live a life of easy-going self-indulgence, whatever you do, do not become a Christian.  But, if you want a life of self-discovery, deeply satisfying to the nature God has given you; if you want a life of adventure in which you have the privilege of serving him and your fellow men; if you want a life in which to express something of the overwhelming gratitude you are beginning to feel for him who died for you, then I would urge you to yield your life, without reserve and without delay, to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…

This is not to say that you emerge from this [salvation] experience…perfect in the twinkling of an eye.  You can become a Christian in a moment, but not a mature Christian.  Christ can enter, cleanse and forgive you in matter of seconds, but it will take much longer for your character to be transformed and molded to his will.  It takes only a few minutes for a bride and bridegroom to be married, but in the rough-and-tumble of their home it may take many years for two strong wills to be dovetailed into one.  So, when we receive Christ, a moment of commitment will lead to a lifetime of adjustment.

-John Stott (Basic Christianity, pp 119, 126)


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