Offended by the Gospel

offended“Paul has already said that the preaching of the gospel is terribly offensive to the human heart (Gal. 5:11-12).  People find it insulting to be told that they are too weak and sinful to do anything to contribute to their salvation.  The gospel is offensive to liberal-minded people, who charge the gospel with intolerance, because it states that the only way to be saved is through the cross.  The gospel is offensive to conservative-minded people, because it states that, without the cross, “good” people are in as much trouble as “bad” people. Ultimately, the gospel is offensive because the cross stands against all schemes of self-salvation…

The cross is by nature offensive!  And we can only grasp its sweetness if we first grapple with its offense.  If someone understands the cross, it is either the greatest thing in their life, or it is repugnant to them.  If it is neither of those two things, they haven’t understood it.”

-Timothy Keller (Galatians For You, pp 180-181)


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