Gospel Fears: Misplaced Identity

unbelievable gospelOur reluctance to talk about Jesus to others springs from honoring the approval of others in our hearts instead of resting our hearts in the approval of Christ the Lord…

People may reject us but our forever acceptance in Christ gives us every reason to speak of him, of his grace, mercy, kindness, love, and triumph over sin, death, and evil.  O for stronger men and women who sink their identity deeply into what Jesus says about us more than what peers and co-workers (might) say about us!  our silence will convince no one of rich, rewarding faith in Jesus.  Fear over co-worker frowns will not inspire a smiling faith…

People need to see our hope burn in our bones.  they need to sense the Lord Christ set apart in our hearts.  They need to see that the gospel not only makes sense but that it also works.  Christian faith is intellectually satisfying and existentially rich.

(Jonathan Dodson, Unbelievable Gospel: How to Share a Gospel Worth Believing, pp. 61, 66, 68)


One thought on “Gospel Fears: Misplaced Identity

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