Troubles of the Transactional Gospel

madBelieving in the transactional gospel is setting oneself up for a world of hurt, disappointment and disillusionment with God.  Belief in this false gospel can quickly result in a person being mad at God for something that is certainly not God’s fault.  Believing the transactional gospel can result in a person thinking that God was unfaithful, yet the transactional gospel is something that God has not promised to be faithful to, since it is not His gospel.

The transactional gospel, as Steve Benninger, pastor of New Life Gahanna, defines in the video below, is the belief that “If I do the right things, that obligates God to do something for me.”  In essence, the transactional gospel is basically a form of the law, if not even a belief in a form of karma.

The transactional gospel completely misses the point of the true gospel – that which is based upon grace.  If we truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, then we will realize that God gives us what we do not deserve – salvation, mercy, love, eternal life, His very presence, and more!  We don’t deserve any of it and could do nothing which would obligate God to give anything to us other than what we truly deserved – death, wrath, and an eternity in the Lake of Fire.  Rather than getting mad at God for not giving us what we think we are due for our “good works,” let us praise Him for not giving us what we were due (Hell), and instead giving us His Son so that we might be saved by His grace and receive “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:3b ESV).


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