Hymn for the Preaching of the Word

John Newton’s “Prayer for the Ministry of the Word” sings out a prayer to the Lord for the upcoming preaching of the Scriptures.  The words cry out for the blessing of the Lord upon the preacher so that souls would be fed, light would shine, people would walk according to the word, and God would get the praise.  The song can be set to various traditional hymn tunes, including that of “Amazing Grace” (and it would be interesting to see the song set to a contemporary tune):

Thy promise, LORD, and thy command
Have brought us here today;
And now, we humbly waiting stand
To hear what thou wilt say.

Meet us, we pray, with words of peace,
And fill our hearts with love;
That from our follies we may cease,
And henceforth faithful prove.

Now, LORD, inspire the preacher’s heart,
And teach his tongue to speak;
Food to the hungry soul impart,
And comfort to the weak.

Furnish us all with light and power
To walk in Wisdom’s ways;
So shall the benefit be ours,
And thou shalt have the praise.


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