Gospel Power for All of Life

The gospel is not simply the good news preached to bring a person to Christ and then set aside for “bigger” and “deeper” truths.  In fact, if we jettison the gospel due to the thought it is “stuff for the unsaved and the newly saved,” we will be making a gross error that will result in a floundering life of faith or a faith shipwrecked on the rocks of moralism.

Rather, the gospel has the power to justify a person and is the power that continues to sanctify and transform a person.  The gospel is power for the entire Christian life. Scott Thomas and Tom Wood explain further:

The gospel story is God’s good news.  Though I was alienated from God and under his just condemnation, living a life full of doubt and disobedience, God loved me and gave himself for me.  Christ died on a cross, paying my debt with God, and rose alive from death to forgive my doubt and disobedience; to be my righteousness; to be my power to believe God, to say yes to him in worship and to say no to sin; to live a life of love for others; and to get me home with great joy.  To live by the gospel is to rely on Jesus for all our live and strength, to turn away from self-oriented beliefs and lifestyles.  To the degree that the reality of the gospel story grips us, to that degree, we will begin to see life transformation occurring…

First, the gospel makes us Christians… Second, the gospel grows us… Third, the gospel empowers us to serve… In other words, the gospel is the motive and the means for all that we do in life and in ministry (Gospel Coach, pp. 57-58).



One thought on “Gospel Power for All of Life

  1. A very important truth. The Gospel is not something that just saves us and then we “move on”. The Gospel is central to christian life.

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