Spurgeon on Sanctification

“Sanctification, in its operation upon our character, consists of three things.  First, we die to sin.  A wondrous death!  By this Jesus strikes at the heart of evil.  The death of Christ makes us die to sin.  After this comes burial.  We are buried with Christ; and of this burial, baptism is the type and token.  Covered up to be forgotten, we are to sin as a dead shepherd to his flock.  As the sheep pass over the dead shepherd’s grave or even feed there on, yet he regards them not – so our old sins and habits come about us, but we, as dead men, know them no more.  We are buried to them!  [Thirdly,] to completer our actual sanctification, we receive heavenly quickening.  ‘Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him’ (Rom. 6:8).  Yes, we do live in Him and by Him, for, he that believes in Him ‘hath eternal life’ (John 3:36).  I trust you know what that means.  Have you been thus dead, thus buried with Christ?  Are you now thus quickened in the likeness of His resurrection?  This is your joyful privilege if you are, indeed, believers in Christ and joined unto the Lord in one spirit.”
-C.H. Spurgeon (Sermon 2197, 1891)


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