Jesus > Religion Interview

Jefferson Bethke, who wrote the poem Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (aka Jesus > Religion).  The video went viral.  People responded with rave reviews and with rage reviews.  Three previous posts have been blogged on Seth’s Oasis here, here, and here.  Just the other day, Bethke was interviewed by Scott Baker of Glenn Beck TV about the message of the poem, a previous poem, and people’s reactions to the poem.  Bethke took the opportunity to share about Jesus and grace over the course of the twenty minute interview.  Anticipating backlash for accepting the interview from those who disagree with Beck’s position, Bethke wrote on his facebook:

Here’s a youtube video of the Glenn Beck interview. Thanks to Scott Baker for interviewing me I had a blast! (Note: to all those getting upset at me that I went on a show they “don’t agree with” all I can say is it’d be stupid of me to turn down an opportunity to share about the grace and mercy afforded to us all in the cross of Jesus. Whatever the platform is, if they let me talk about Jesus, I’d be a fool to not take it. *off soapbox* lol).

The interview is well-worth a watch.  Check it out below:


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