Seeing God’s Viewpoint

“God has a viewpoint on your life, and on my life, and on all of life.  Now, maybe that sounds obvious.  But think about it for a second.  God has a viewpoint on what love really is, on how we speak, on what we do with our possessions, on how we relate to our neighbors, on how we relate to him.  In our flesh, we might say we’re interested in his viewpoint, but actually we dismiss it.  We’re only interested in our own viewpoint, and we spend just about every moment of every day justifying that viewpoint – sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously…

What the Bible does, really, is not just give us God’s viewpoint; it allows us to walk with God through the course of human history.  That way we can come to believe and trust the words, the viewpoint, and the heart of this One who is leading history.  The Bible enables us, in David Powlison’s phrase, to see with new eyes.  It enables us, in the Apostle Paul’s phrase, to see with a new heart (Eph. 1:18).”

-Michael Lawrence (Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church; pp. 115-116)


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