A Book That Interprets Us

“The narrative of Scripture is not meant to be merely inspiring, so that we can cope with the difficult reality of our lives.  No, the narrative of Scripture was inspired in order to let us know what reality really is.  Biblical theology, as it arises from Scripture, provides a framework, a fabric of meaning for our lives; it allows us to see with new eyes, and that begins with the way we view ourselves.  It’s not just that we interpret the Bible.  The Bible interprets us, by declaring what the main events of reality are, and then telling us to read ourselves in light of that story.

I said that this story is the story of a King and his kingdom.  That means this story doesn’t just interpret us, it exercises authority over us.  It’s not merely a descriptive account of reality.  The narrative of Scripture has a normative, or authoritative, function in our lives and over our churches… [We] discover a story that challenges our tendencies to reduce Christianity to a limited set of doctrinal propositions and instead claims the totality of our lives under the Lordship of the King.”

-Michael Lawrence (Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church; p. 31)


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