The Spirit’s Glorifying Work

“[The Holy Spirit] reveals to the souls of sinner the good things of the covenant of grace, which the Father has provided, and the Son purchased.  He shows to us mercy, grace, forgiveness, righteousness, acceptation with God; lets us know that these are the things of Christ, which he has procured for us; shows them to us for our comfort and establishment.  These things, I say, he effectually declares to the souls of believers; and makes them know them for their own good – know them as originally the things of the Father, prepared from eternity in his love and goodwill; as purchased for them by Christ, and laid up in store in the covenant of grace for their use.  Then is Christ magnified and glorified in their hearts; then they know what a Savior and Redeemer he is.”  (John Owen, Communion with the Triune God; p. 377)


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