I Have Been with the Lord Jesus…

“I have been with the Lord Jesus…I have left my sins, my burden, with him; and he has given me his righteousness, wherewith I am going with boldness to God.  I was dead, and am alive; for he died for me: I was cursed, and am blessed; for he was made a curse for me: I was troubled, but have peace; for the chastisement of my peace was upon him.  I knew not what to do, nor whither to cause my sorrow to go; by him have I received joy unspeakable and glorious.”
(John Owen, Communion with the Triune God; p. 319)

Given the power of encountering Jesus, John Owen makes a series of bold statements.  Owen’s words are not intended simply for his life with Christ, but are intended to be the declarations of all Christians:

“[Given the results of having been with the Lord Jesus,] if I do not love him, delight in him, obey him, live to him, die for him, I am worse than the devils in hell (p. 319).”

“Now the great aim of Christ in the world is to have a high place and esteem in the hearts of his people; to have there, as he has in himself, the preeminence in all things – not to be jostled up and down among other things – to be all, and in all [Col. 3:11].  And thus are the saints of God prepared to esteem him, upon the engaging themselves to this communion with him (p. 319).”


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