Thomas Hurst – Changed by God

“Christ took a broken little boy who grew to be a broken man and made him whole, a broken wife and made her pure, a broken marriage and made it beautiful. He gave life where there was only death, He rose from the grave, He is alive, His name is Jesus Christ, He is our hope.”
(From How God Changed Thomas Hurst on the Mars Hill Church Blog)

The above is a summary of the life of Thomas Hurst.  He is not a rock star. He is not a celebrity.  He is not a world-renowned pastor.  Thomas Hurst is a husband, a father, and soon to be a leader in his church.

Hurst’s story is one of tragedy, brokenness, searching, discovery, healing, redemption, and hope.  The details of his life may not match your life or my life, but his attempts to live a moral life, his plumbing the depths of the dumpster of life, and his encounters with the grace of God may very well show some parallels with your life and my life.

To read the wonderful story of Thomas Hurst, check out How God Changed Thomas Hurst.


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