“WARNING Contains No Sugar” Review

WARNING Contains No Sugar:  Honest Words for Aspiring Leaders in the Church by John Myer fulfills its title.  There is a lot of honesty and the closest a the book comes to having sugar is in the final chapter.  That is not to say that the new (and free) 43 page e-book is harsh or mean-spirited.  Warning is neither.  What Warning does convey is an honest appraisal of what a current and aspiring leader in the church should have in regards to a godly character.  As Myer states in the first chapter:

Most folds who aspire to leadership have little understanding of what they’re getting into.  The nutshell version of it all comes down to people entrusting their souls to you.  They trust you won’t lead them down a dark alley into religious extremes or doctrinal error, wasted time, or worst of all, a wasted life (p. 4).

Too often people desire the title of “leader” without demonstrating the character and consistency of a leader.  The thought appears to be that “the title makes the man” rather than the reality that man should already embody the title.  The eyes are attracted to the “big” decisions of leadership and often overlook the “small” details that make the big difference.  Myer draws this out in his description of the book:

The Devil is in the details. That’s what new leaders need to remember as they aspire to  become effective in the church. Those who are just beginning to navigate leadership roles usually pay attention to critical big box items like vision, style, and methods. Meanwhile, a multitude of smaller issues that go undetected may be undermining their service.
  Symptoms include: 
         • Not being taken seriously
         • Getting little or no cooperation
         • Failing to inspire others
         • Ideas that fizzle out
         • Toxic team dynamics 
With a decided emphasis on honesty rather than sweetness, “Warning” gives a diagnostic tour of areas that leaders commonly overlook.

The eleven short chapters, it is only a 43 page book, are well worth reading and prayerfully considering.  The chapters are:

1) Get Your Head on Straight
2) Learn to Value a Following of One
3) Be the Man
4) Love Your Meetings and be Prompt
5) Decide What You Want to Do With Your Life
6) Nail the Reason Why You “Don’t Get No Respect”
7) Make Your Word Mean Something
8 ) Have a Jalapeno Faith
9) Value Effectiveness Over Busyness
10) Get Along With Your People Famously
11) When Am I Not in the Wrong?


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