Purchased Grace – Part 3

The Puritan theologian John Owen spent a short chapter exploring the nature of purchased grace (the grace “purchased” for us by Christ’s redemptive work on the cross) in his book Communion with the Triune God.  Owen opened up three aspects of purchased grace: (1) grace of acceptance with God, (2) grace of sanctification from God, and (3) grace of privileges with and before God (p. 289). Previous posts covered the grace of acceptance and grace of sanctification from God.  This post will touch on Owen’s presentation of the grace of privileges.

This purchased grace consists in privileges to stand before God, and these are of two sorts – primary and consequential.  Primary is adoption – the Spirit of adoption; consequential are all the favors of the gospel, which the saints alone have right unto…These are the things wherein we have communion with Christ as to purchased grace in this life.  Drive them up to perfection, and you have that which we call everlasting glory.  Perfect acceptance, perfect holiness, perfect adoption, or inheritance of sons – that is glory.


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