God in the Hands of Angry Sinners

Some people are attracted to the idea of a god of love without wrath.  A loving god without justice.  Unfortunately, some people who call themselves Christians promote these ideals.  The god they desire enables them to live however they please and endorse any lifestyle they so please.  R.C. Sproul wrote about the god of the people who reject a holy God – the God of the Bible who has both love and wrath – in his book The Holiness of God.  In chapter nine, “God in the Hands of Angry Sinners” Sproul diagnoses the heart condition and product of a person who desires a god without wrath:

“Do we consider the wrath of God as a primitive or obscene concept?  Is the very notion of Hell an insult to us?  If so, it is clear that the god we worship is not a holy God. Indeed he is not God at all.  If we despise the justice of God we are not Christians… If we hate the wrath of God it is because we hate God Himself.  We may protest vehemently against these charges but the vehemence only confirms our hostility towards God… We may say emphatically… “God is altogether sweet to me.  My god is a god of love.”  But a loving god who has no wrath is no God.  He is an idol of our own making as if we caved him out of stone.”


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