“Love Wins” Loses Scripturally

Love Wins by Rob Bell has created a media firestorm, especially in orthodox Christian circles.  Some may claim that it is simply because of close-minded conservative Christians just don’t like Bell.  Some may not like Rob Bell, but that is not the reason for the reaction to his latest book.  The response is to the distortion of Scripture to the point of endorsing the heresy of universalism, reducing the seriousness of sin, distorting the perception of God’s love, reducing the greatness and holiness of God, minimizing the accomplishment of Jesus on the cross, and making a mockery of God’s righteousness, wrath, and justice.  In the end, the God portrayed by Bell does not paint a God with greater love than the biblical and orthodox view of God, rather is portrays a small God with less love, grace, and mercy than what the Bible describes.

There have been many writers and theologians who have tackled Bell’s book and misstep from orthodox theology into the realm of heresy.  I highly recommend listening to God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty by D.A. Carson and a panel of pastors from the National Gospel Coalition Conference.  They give a  great overview of universalism, the contents of Love Wins, and a pastoral approach to being with people who hold to Bell’s view or have been confused by the book.

Another good site with links to many good articles, including Kevin DeYoung’s twenty page response – God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School Is Still True: A Review of “Love Wins”, can be found on The Resurgence’s A Chronology of Rob Bell on Hell.


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