Double Standard in Homosexuality App Outrage

Apple, Steve Jobs Under Fire for App that Claims to Cure Homosexuality“.  The headline caught my attention.  Is there really an app that would claim to “cure homosexuality”?  Would the “fire” be justified or another example of loud appeals to tolerance?   As I read the short article I was stunned by the unabashed double-standard of those expressing ire over the app.

Here is a short description of the app and a response from the article:

The Exodus ministry seeks to promote the “ex-gay” movement—promulgating the testimony of people who claim to have been cured of homosexuality through Christ. The target audience for the smart-phone app, its makers say, are “homosexual strugglers.” The idea is to teach gay people that they have a choice when it comes to their sexuality, a choice to choose “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus.”

Of course, providing a tech platform for a particular spiritual or ideological movement doesn’t signify an endorsement of its point of view. At the same time, however, as Gawker’s Ryan Tate noted during an earlier controversy over a gay-themed app, “every time Apple approves an app, it implies moral endorsement of the content of that app.”

The writer does a good job of pointing out that having an app is not an endorsement of the app, especially when the app is not one that attacks or slanders a particular group of people.  The ministry of Exodus International is not one of homophobia or slander but rather one of men and women who have lived or currently struggle with homosexual affections but have desired and are following through with the desire to not actively live out that particular life.

If we are a society that is truly promoting tolerance, why such contempt and anger over people who are talking about their choice to live a heterosexual life?  In a country where we are bombarded with the exhortation to celebrate a person’s decision to live a homosexual lifestyle, should we not also celebrate a person’s decision to step out of a homosexual lifestyle and into a heterosexual lifestyle?  Is it not an obvious double-standard to attack this app?

Ryan Tate chides Apple for giving a “moral endorsement” of Exodus International’s views.  Yet his attack on the Apple app and the petition to remove that app is a demand that Apple give a “moral endorsement” of Tate’s views.  In the name of being “culturally tolerant”, Tate and those who are signing the petition are displaying to the world their strong lack of tolerance for any contrary view concerning sexuality.  Apparently a large number of readers also saw that laughable double-standard.  Throughout the comment section was the consistent shout out, “if you don’t like it, don’t download it”.


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